Writer of short stories and children’s books. Reader of everything written.

Seasons of the Four States

The Joplin Writers’ Guild presents for your reading enjoyment an eclectic anthology of short stories, creative nonfiction, and poetry. This multi-genre collection is set in the Four States area, which includes Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. All contributing authors live in this same area of the country. Some are traditionally published authors of renown, and others are making their first venture into this delightful world of authorship.

Blossom’s Wish

Blossom is a flower-loving dragon who lives in a village full of people. Every day she gives her flowers away in hopes of making a friend. When she catches a cold, her world is turned upside down. Is Blossom destined to be alone, or will her wish come true?


Available in July 2021!

The little stop sign is proud to do his job. But, as years pass and he sees how lonely his stretch of the road is, he can’t help but wish he was doing something more important. When a duckling’s life is in danger, the little stop sign sees that he is right where he was meant to be.

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